The Power of a Paradigm Shift

Mind your paradigms.

It’s incredible the degree to which our behaviors are unconscious and totally determined by belief structures we don’t question or even consciously notice.

Paradigms are the lens through which we view the world.

But how can you notice a lens?

You probably can’t. But you can notice the places where it’s smudged or cracked.

Failure to achieve desired results are the clearest sign of a limiting, broken paradigm. Our unconscious minds want us to keep a limited paradigm. Our DNA wants to follow the path of least resistance, conserve energy, and reproduce. Nothing more.

In many ways, the basic drives of our DNA are sociopathic. They don’t care about charity, kindness, love, except in so far as they get us the things we need for survival and reproduction.

But our consciousness can rise above all that, and set a paradigm that beats the default behaviors assigned to us by our selfish DNA.

This is a choice we are presented with. A difficult choice, and a choice it takes effort even to perceive. But it is clear that everyone falls somewhere on a spectrum of paradigms, ranging from that of a Murderer to that of a Saint.

The former has fallen into a downward spiral, falling farther and farther down into a paradigm where all that matters is the immediate fulfillment of impulsive drives.

The latter forgoes immediate fulfillment in exchange for a continued commitment to the bettering of their environment, often at the expense of their own pleasure and profit.

Few of us exist at either of those two poles, but rather somewhere in the middle. We often swing wildly between moments of great joy and generosity and animalistic hunger or self-obsession. Take notice of what triggers these swings. It will be to your benefit, and the benefit of others to elevate your paradigm. So many of the problems we face are self-generated, due to a limited and unsustainable set of beliefs about what we need and what the Universe owes us.

It owes you nothing.

You owe it everything.

But luckily, if you are a microcosm of a system, anything that is to the benefit of the system, is a benefit to you.

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Walker Edwards

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2 thoughts on “The Power of a Paradigm Shift”

  1. Very interesting post. In my novel, and in real life, I’ve faced just that issue. I’m a man of God, and killing another human being just isn’t programmed in. Yet, to defend my own life and the life of others, I’ve done just that. I was a police officer and part of my pride was that I’d always managed to resolve situations without resorting to use of Deadly Force (indeed, for almost 20 years, the only time my pistol came out of the holster was at the range, for cleaning, or such). Then one stormy night in Iraq, that all changed . . .

    it took years to resolve it, despite the fact I was totally in the right for doing it.

    Funny thing about writing a novel that has at least one foot in reality is that you get to explore those issues. For my Central Character, he’s right smack in the middle of a war on crime. An attempt has already been made to kill him, there’s at least some suggestion that this is all part of something bigger, and the question is raised if he could use deadly force to defend himself, his family, and/or his team mates.

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    1. Its incredible the degree to which our belief systems control how we unconsciously process our own behaviors. One person’s evil is another’s every day experience. The real discipline is in understanding what paradigm is appropriate for the challenges we face, and the results we hope to achieve.

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